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United CareGivers: A Simple Way to Stay at Home!

Welcome to United CareGivers—your ultimate destination for the State-Of-The-Art personalized and complete home health care in Cook, DuPage, Will and Lake counties of Illinois.

We understand their fears... and yours

Eager to leave our parents’ house while young, we learn to appreciate the value of our own place when approaching golden years. One can only imagine the pain, disappointment and fear of an elderly person who is being told to trade the comfort of his or her home to uncertainty and, possibly, even abuse of a nursing home.

On the other hand, children, younger siblings and relatives often are located thousands of miles away. They have their own lives to live, children to rear, houses to take care of. Their fears of elderly Mom, Dad or Aunt hurting herself are serious and legitimate.

If only they could find someone to take care of their loved ones at the comfort of their home…

We deliver care that your loved ones deserve

If you are reading these lines, it means you have found what you were looking for. United CareGivers is continuing to evolve into one of Chicagoland’s top home health care agencies, so you and your loved ones can enjoy the kind of service you deserve.

For compassionate, comprehensive home health care (medical and nonmedical) services, call United CareGivers. Our highly experienced and dedicated medical team consists of nurses, therapists, medical social workers, home health aids and dietitians who provide a number of services right at your home.

Following the physician’s care plan, we work closely with patients and their families to provide results-oriented home health care that promotes independence and speedy recovery.

Our team members work with physicians to reduce the necessity for hospitalization or long-term care admissions. We also work with hospital and nursing home discharge planners to ensure smooth transitions from the inpatient facility to the patient's home. We strongly believe-that is where he or she belongs and wants to be.

We share your values...

United CareGivers is a privately owned and operated business. Family values and strong communities are of the utmost importance to us. We treat our clients as our family members, so our standards for new hires are very high.

As a result, when you choose United CareGivers, you choose to receive the best possible care provided by the people who love what they do.

...and even save you money!

In these tough economic times, we understand that affordability and value for your money is a must. We will make your home care affordable!

With no pre-fixed rates, we work within your budget and make every effort to find you and your loved one a way to stay at home.

An individual comprehensive plan of care and the service rate will be determined for each individual based on the personal needs, care plan and family budget.

Call us today for a no-obligation free assessment of your needs!

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